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No one ever went into the restaurant business because they loved accounting. But we did. After years of working with restaurants, our owners opened a franchise restaurant operation. We understand your true passion, the unique challenges restaurants face, and how to support it. Let’s talk about turning your love for food into sustainable profitability.

5 Signs You Might Need Help with Bookkeeping

It can be a challenge to know if your back-office needs help, especially when you’re juggling staff and patrons. However, it’s relatively easy to recognize poor bookkeeping. Examples include:

  • Feeling Burnt Out: Feeling like you’re the only one handling your company’s day-to-day operations in addition to the workload you have balancing staff needs is sure to take a toll, affecting your entire business.
  • Disorganized Books: If you notice that your records skip years and dates, this can be a problem. This can often happen when using multiple channels as you record financial information, which can lead to non-chronological and disorganized books.
  • Cash Flow Issues: When unforeseen expenses accrue, it can cause your income and expenses to become unbalanced.
  • Missed Tax Deductions: While bookkeeping does not directly handle your taxes, organizing invoices and receipts helps you find tax deductions, saving you money.
  • Updating Books Suddenly: Having to quickly organize your books before important financial events like tax season contributes to inaccuracies in your records. Staying on top of your bookkeeping throughout the year with our services is a great way to ensure the accuracy of your finances.

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