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We work on your business, so you can work in your business.

the financial health of your business.

When you spend your time on daily business matters like bookkeeping, payroll, tax preparation, and internal controls, you are taking your eye off the ball. That’s an opportunity cost. That represents revenue you’ve lost in order to fulfill administrative and accounting duties that could be handled more effectively and efficiently by outsourcing. You can focus on your core business and explore more profitable ventures. The results are efficiency, higher productivity, and a better bottom line.

In addition to the opportunity costs involved in taking your businesses’ time to fulfill these duties, you also lose the potential profits and cost savings of having a dedicated team to take care of it for you. For example, your bookkeeping could be costing you money at tax time. What about the time involved in termination of an employee? Burkhalter has legal expertise to get you through the termination process with less legal liability and exposure that could cost you money.

Our seamless business services range from start-up to succession planning. We offer the multi-disciplinary expertise of a big firm at a much more reasonable price. We work on your business so you can work in your business. That allows you to grow better business results and a better life. You could even choose to work less and still make more. We can show you how.

Resources to help your business excel.

Small Business

We take the time to get to know your business and provide the services you need to master your business accounting.

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Bookkeeping for

We help you organize your books, manage financial data, and gain a better understanding of your financial situation.

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Company Payroll

We help make sure your employees get paid on time, and that your payroll is in order and fully compliant.

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Audits, Reviews,
& Compilations

We provide evaluations to help you understand how your finances are doing and identify flaws in the system.

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Strategic Business

We evaluate and create opportunities for future success with a custom business plan to drive growth.

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Cash Flow

We help you evaluate your cash flow history and build predictions to help you make smarter business decisions.

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Business Formation

We can help you build a solid business plan is key to ensure your company gets off the ground the right way.

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Business Succession

We work with you to enable a smooth transition between you and the next generation of your family business.

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We can help you set up and maintain your non-profit organization’s tax-exempt status.

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Internal Control

We help protecting your assets with internal controls essential for a business of any size.

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Termination Process Assistance

we can guide you through the termination process with less legal liability.

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Relocation and Expansion

Whether you’re moving or expanding – or both – we can help guide you through it.

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“By handling our books, payroll, and taxes they have allowed us to focus on the day to day operations of running our studio.”

Profitability. Protection. Peace of Mind.

We work on your business, so you can work in your business

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