Small Business Accounting

We love helping small businesses thrive.

They are the heartbeat of America. As a longtime member and chapter president of Entrepreneurs Organization, our founder has devoted many years to gaining insights into how to help small businesses live and thrive.

When you start out, accounting places a high demand on your time. Burkhalter offers comprehensive services for you to function effectively and make smarter decisions. We also provide insight into your numbers and provide reports that paint a clear picture of your financial stability and capabilities.

Does my small business need accounting help?

There are telltale signs: Spending excessive time on bookkeeping while neglecting other operational and management aspects; frustration that leads to abandoning necessary accounting duties; cutting corners and neglecting some aspects that require bookkeeping expertise. All these signs may complicate tax preparation and regulatory compliance. Outsourced services are the best solution to these issues.

If you’re looking for a dedicated partner to help you strengthen your business, schedule a consultation with our skilled CPAs today!

All the services of an internal accounting department
without the burden of hiring someone in-house.

Bank Reconciliation

Bank reconciliation helps your identify inconsistencies that might point to more complex problems, such as bank errors or employee fraud and provides a snapshot of your company’s financial health.


Payroll services include determining overtime, calculating payroll taxes, enforcing wage garnishments, determining overtime, and contributions to savings and healthcare plans.

Financial Analysis

A growing business needs increasingly sophisticated analytics to make profitable decisions. Accurate analysis helps maximize your business potential by identifying areas of focus.

Xero Setup

Our Xero installation, setup, and configuration improve overall efficiency by handling repetitive tasks and complex calculations. We’ll also train your staff on the software.

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