Tax Planning

Don’t pay more than you have to at tax time.

With tax regulations changing constantly, many families and businesses end up paying more than they actually owe. Waiting until it’s time to file is stressful and costly. Regardless of what unique deductions are available to you, we’ll simplify the process. The Burkhalter Group helps businesses and individuals lower their liability through proactive planning.

Tax planning examines your full financial situation to identify and employ various tax-saving methods you can use throughout the year. Strategies include deferring income, planning investments, and timing purchases to take advantage of deductions, just to name a few options.

Tax Planning for Business and Startups

Our team works with startups to help them select an entity type that provides the optimal tax strategy for their business and allows them to grow. We have experience with tax planning and preparation for different business entities: Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies (LLC), and S Corporations (S Corp). Each has its unique aspects and requires a seasoned professional to optimize your situation.

For established businesses, we offer a full menu of tax planning services:

  • Develop evolving strategies that can be used throughout the year and into future tax seasons
  • Simplify quarterly and yearly filings with organized filing systems
  • Prepare company tax forms
  • Provide payroll support to produce tax statements for your employees

Did you know?
If you ‘ve recently started a business, you can claim up to $5,000 of your startup costs.

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